We are happy to be a partner with Arkansas Animal Rescue Foundation for the Spay/Neuter voucher program. We will support the Conway and Perry counties in Arkansas. If you want to submit an application click HERE. We are limited on funds so please submit a voucher quickly.

We have had so many puppies in the last 3 months and are still being asked to take in more. Since we have no more room for intakes or the funds we have to put intakes on HOLD until further notice. If you like we can add you to a waiting list so we can contact you if things change. Use our contact us form to request a dog to be put on our waiting list. 

Wish to Build This, Can you help?

We care for 100 plus dogs at any given time of the year. This summer has been really hot and our dogs need shelter to have shade. We are going though tarps pretty fast and really need to get a building built to protect the dogs from the outside elements. We are working to get donations to get a concrete slab poured and then build a building much like this one pictured here. The building will be insulated, heated for winter and cooled for summer. This will give them a protected area to get out of extreme weather conditions. 

We will also have a couple of puppy rooms built to keep them safe while moms are nursing or puppies that are weaned. This will help protect them from getting diseases until they are fully vaccinated. If you can help us in any part of this please contact us. We are in need of the concrete first but we will also need building materials or anyone with experience to help build. We also need donations to buy the materials.