Q: How to find your dog a home?

Sometimes things happen and people need help. If you're thinking about surrendering your dog to a rescue or shelter because of behavior issues, check to see if there's someone that could help you. We do have a list of many helpful resources available to you on our Support page. 

If, after doing everything you can, you still want to give up your dog, use the Contact Us page so we can contact you and discuss your options. Filling out the form does NOT commit us to taking your dog. It gives us detailed information about the animal and helps us see if there may be an option you have not found.

Q: How can I visit dogs that are available for adoption?

We do not have regular hours of operation. Most of us are located in Conway county area and the surrounding areas in Arkansas. We are available to meet by appointment only and we do ask that you fill out an application before asking us to meet. Applications can be found here.

Q: How much are adoption fees?

Adoption fees vary based on where the dog comes from and how much the vet bill cost us. We try to keep our fees reasonable. All dogs come with age appropriate vaccinations, parasite treatments and prevention, micro-chipped, and are spayed or neutered (if medically possible). Adoption fees also cover the cost of Health Certificates, documents that are required for transport out of state, fecal tests, heartworm tests, grooming, transport, isolation fees and any other expenses that we cover for the care of the dog. 

Q: Why do I have to provide references to adopt?

Our interest is in the health of the pet so we need to talk to people that know you and will answer simple questions about how you will care for the pet and if your environment is safe for the breed you are interested in adopting. We only want the pet to be happy and not mistreated in any way. 

Q: How does the adoption process work?

We ask all potential adopters to please fill out an Adoption Application first. Once that is completed it is sent to us by email and we review the application. We will call you to interview you and then we check the personal references and veterinarian reference so please provide phone numbers. If all references check out good we inform you that you have been accepted to adopt. If you live in a different area, we do have transport available outside of Arkansas.  

Q: How do I become a foster?

We have a Foster Application to fill out that we require before you take in a dog. We do provide all vet care and food for the dog. You, as a foster, provide the love and a safe home until an adopter can be matched with the dog. We have dogs that get adopted quickly and others that will need longer care so please provide the length of time you can foster a dog.